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Your Pelvis and How it Relates to Lower Back Pain

Joseph Coupal Friday, May 04, 2018

How are you doing everybody? This is Dr.Carlock with Village Family Chiropractic Clinic here in Hackettstown, NJ. I’m going to talk to you today a little bit about the pelvis and how it relates to low back pain.

A lot of our patients come in our office with complaints about low back pain. A lot of times it's coming from the lumbar spine whether it's a disc or a pinched nerve. But a lot of times the pain can be coming from your pelvis and that includes the ilium these are these two bones on the ides and your sacrum is right at the bottom there. So if this pelvis isn't functioning properly (it’s supposed to be moving back and forth). This joint is called your sacrum realiac and if that’s stuck stuck that can manifest and low back pain. It can be on the side and it can hurt worse when you're getting up from a seated position and things of that nature.

We have a good way to evaluate it in the office. You can present with a short leg sometimes and other things of that nature. So if you have lower back pain and you don't know where it could be coming from, come on into the office we'll evaluate you and provide you the chiropractic care necessary here in Hackettstown to get you feeling better.

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