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About Village Family Clinic

At Village Family Clinic in the Hackettstown-Allamuchy area of NJ, Dr. Fedich and his team specializes in a multidisciplinary approach to treating chronic and difficult conditions. Dr. Fedich is certified in manipulation under anesthesia and also performs spinal decompression. He has expertise in performing non-surgical spinal decompression therapy as an alternative to effectively treating herniated, or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, sciatica, post-surgical patients, and spinal stenosis among his many other successful modern techniques.decreasing the costs of running a medical clinic, she is able to provide more time at appointments and more personalized care.

Client Testimonials

“ I never have to wait for anything. I just love coming here. I think it is the best. ”
-- Laura N.

“ I just want to recommend Dr. Fedich's office. It's a very professional office. The girls are great, the doctors are fantastic.”

“ My back is feeling so much better and I definitely recommend this place to anybody who has back problems to find out what’s going with it because it is manageable and it's a great place to come. ”
-- Chris L.

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Multi-Specialty Medical Facility

Our Team

Dr. James R. Fedich, DC, Director
Dr. Phillip E. Lutz, MD
Dr. Jerold Kaminsky, DC
Robert Thourot, PT
Sheri A. Fuzia-Welsh, PT
Dr Karen Zuidema, PHD, LAC
Ashley Miller, LMT
Abby Mulkin, LMT

Our Clinic at Hackettstown, NJ