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Massage Therapy at Village Family Clinic in Hackettstown, NJ

Joseph Coupal Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Full body massage therapy that is done on a regular basis can generate numerous benefits for wellness that go beyond just relaxation. Because it is able to alleviate or relieve stress and tension, you can stop issues from emerging or becoming worse in your well-being.

Going for full body massage therapy in Hackettstown, NJ stimulates the production of endorphins. When released in the body, these hormones will promote relaxation and drowsiness. This is why patients will often sleep while receiving a massage and the leave the clinic feeling relaxed. Everything from your head to your toes is massaged, front and back, using an assortment of strokes such as kneading, pulling, wringing, gliding, and hacking.

It is very important to incorporate a full body massage into your wellness plan. At Village Family Clinic, we offer a very affordable massage program with a plan designated just for you. Everyone has a different body and no massage should ever be the same. Massage at Village Family Clinic is different because your chiropractor and your massage therapist can work alongside each other; it is about therapeutic healing, rehabilitation, and overall relaxation. With life’s aches, pains, and stresses, massage is beneficial no matter what your body’s concern is.

To find out more about the benefits of full body massage therapy, contact Village Family Clinic.


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