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Spinal Adjustment Without the "Pops" and "Cracks"

Friday, November 10, 2023

Within the pain management field of chiropractic care, the term "spine adjustment" often conjures images of audible pops and cracks. While this is an entirely natural and safe by-product of chiropractic pain management, for some people, the sound and/or notion is unwelcome. We understand this. This is why our “pop and crack-free” approach to spinal care is making waves. Say goodbye to the traditional sounds associated with adjustments and welcome a gentler, yet highly effective method that prioritizes your comfort and well-being.

Let's delve into this revolutionary method and explore how Village Family Clinic is redefining the chiropractic experience for residents of Hackettstown and beyond. Here’s a video by Dr. Fedich as he explains how they perform spine adjustments without "popping" and "cracking”.

Transcription: All right Dr. James Fedich, Clinic director of Village Family Clinic here to answer the question on the popular cracking noise that we hear with adjustments. And show you some other methods we can do to treat you without the popping or cracking. So here's the spine with 26 bones of vertebrae. What we do simply is chiropractic. Sometimes these joints can come out of position a little bit. It can pinch irritate the nerves causing all sorts of problems and what adjustment does, we use our hands to gently realign those joints.

Chiropractic actually means done by hand so just by hand a lot of tights but there are other methods. Patients sometimes are scared of the pop and cracking noise but all it is is a gas releasing inside the joint. There's nothing going on with the bones themselves. It’s the same sound if you pop or click your knock off. You just give it a quick pull, you can hear that gas release in the joint. Now, the same thing happens when you move the joints. People ask can I crack my own back? What will actually happen if you're not moving the stuck burger? It breaks. You're moving the other ones that are moving too much. So if there's seven bones in the neck for example, once stuck, you can pop or click the other six by yourself. But that one seven that needs to be moved is very hard to do on your own.

Actually and possibly in a chiropractor, they can adjust themselves so we're moving the one that needs to know that's a big difference. But some people are scared. The hands-on adjustment, popular clicking. We ought to treat young children and patients up to over 100 years old. We don't always use our hands so we have a state-of-the-art instrument ear called an impulse adjusting instrument. And on the back, it has precision digital that controls exactly how much pounds of force or pressure we need to put on. This will be done in about seven pounds of force. Whereas a hands-on adjustment can be a hundred pounds of force so it's a lot gentler but it's much controlled.

Use these nice little gentle rubber tips. We can control exactly where the force is so instead of using our hand on that same stuff everybody just gently adjusts it back into position. We use it up and down the spine. You don't have to lay on your side and get twisted, cracked and all those kinds of things. Some people are scared of chiropractors. So if you're one of those patients who might be a little scared of adjusting, we offer stay in our impulse adjusting technology which can get the vertebra aligned in the proper position without the popping click and cracking twisting and all that stuff that not everybody enjoys. So, hope that answers your question. I hope to see you in the office soon. Give us a call (908) 813-8200 or go online at


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