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Getting Adjusted without Pops and Cracks

Monday, September 26, 2022

Hey, everybody. Dr. Fedich here at Village Family Clinic, coming at you with an update here. A lot of times, you get asked the question about getting adjusted without using our hands or cracking or popping. While it's perfectly safe to be adjusted by hand, it's safer than driving your car to get here, some people still get nervous with the cracking or popping, and we also have patients up to a 100 years old that come in here, and getting adjusted by hand isn't for everyone. So luckily, we're all trained in a technique called impulse therapy, and it uses these special instruments here. People ask us about these a lot, you'll hear them in the clinic when you're in here making that kind of noise. A lot of patients call it the staple gun, kind of making a funny joke.

But basically, it has different attachments on the top of it that do different things, and as the doctors, we can set the different heads on here to do different things. And it's also exactly computer precisely controlled, so we know exactly how much force we're using. So on a 98-year-old patient, we might not be able to adjust them hand, but we can set the machine to just the right setting for them, and we can actually adjust you with this machine. So here's our spine here, low back, middle back, neck. If you lay down face down on the table, the other nice thing with this technique is you're not bending or twisting around. So we just have you lay face down on the table and we use the instrument without bending or twisting you. We can put the instrument on different vertebrae and get them to move or adjust in the way that we want. So we can go up and down the spine with this instrument and actually adjust the vertebrae in different ways with this.

So we're able to adjust you without the hands clicking or popping. We use this nice instrument-adjusted device. We have three of these, all three doctors here are trained in how to use these. We have three of the impulse adjusters. You'll hear that clicking or popping sometimes in the office. So if you or someone who know is interested in getting an adjustment, doesn't want the hands-on clicking or popping, or maybe they're too old or we have bone disease, osteoporosis, those kind of things, we're able to do this impulse-adjusting technique for them here in the office. So if you're ever in and you hear that clicking noise like that, that's those machines. And again, if you have a friend or family who's interested in getting adjusted without the clicking or popping, all three of us are trained in this and we have three impulse-adjusting guns here and we can adjust you without clicking, popping, or even putting our hands on you. Hope everyone has a great day.

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