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Cold Laser Therapy is a Non-invasive Approach to Providing Pain Relief - Allamuchy, NJ

Joseph Coupal Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Cold laser therapy in Allamuchy, NJ is a relatively contemporary procedure that comes with several advantages to providing pain relief or pain reduction. It is one option among a variety of treatment approaches that is non-invasive. This means it does not require the use of drugs nor does it entail any surgical incision.

While cold laser therapy for pain relief can be used alone as a treatment for body pain, it can work together with other alternative therapies as well. This low level laser can target acupuncture trigger points without the need for needles. Apart from offering a non-intrusive option to pain relief, cold laser therapy also provides a non-addicting treatment thereby eliminating the complications of long-term drug treatment alternatives. The cold laser produces an impulse of light energy units to damaged cells at a specific wavelength for maximized absorption of the energy at a desired depth. This is why this therapy is widely used for treatment of acute and chronic pain, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, ligament sprains, muscle strains, soft tissue injuries, tennis elbow, and more.

Cold laser therapy is safe and effective, easy to apply, and has no side effects. It is also cost-effective for the patient who need pain treatment. To find out more about cold laser therapy for pain relief, visit the Village Family Clinic.

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