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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Colds and Sinus Problems?

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Hey how's everybody doing today, it's Dr. Carlock at Village Family Clinic. I'm gonna go over something else that you might not have no Chiropractic can help. So let's say it's the time of the year where people are getting colds and there's allergies and people have stuffy noses, sinuses are a little stuffed up there. So that's definitely something we can help a little bit with.

So there is an actual adjustment where it involves just kind of pressing and moving on the sinuses. It's a little weird but that can help drain it. Also getting your upper neck adjusted. Upper cervicals can help drain the sinuses as well. As well as this mini acupuncture stem unit here. This is a little electrical device that you turn on, it feels a little.. it's tingly right. If you do that over the sinuses, it actually helps drain them as well. I've had some success with that. So if you're really sick stay home but if you've got a little stuffy nose or something come down we can help you out.

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