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Chiropractor Great Meadows NJ: Physical Therapy

In case you are seeking relief from chronic neck, back, or leg pain, a visit to a local chiropractor in Great Meadows NJ, like Village Family Clinic might supply you with the remedy for your discomfort. Chiropractic interventions entail manipulation of the spine to bring it back into proper alignment. This eases the pressure on nerves and muscles strained because of misalignment. Village Family Clinic additionally offers medical services such as physical therapy, cold laser therapy, yoga, and CDL and DOT physicals in addition to our wide variety of chiropractic services. Possessing thirty years of combined experience in providing chiropractic services, Dr. Fedich and Dr. Kehler have acquired a reputation as highly skilled chiropractors in Great Meadows NJ.

Physical Therapy Great Meadows NJ

If you are experiencing difficulty performing your normal daily activities because pain is inhibiting your mobility, seeking the assistance of a physical therapist in Great Meadows NJ is a great solution. With the aid of exercise and manual manipulation, physical therapy attempts to reinforce your muscles and relieve the tightness that causes pain. The useful patient education you will get from our physical therapist will not just help you re-establish your range of movement, but help you prevent re-injury as well. At Village Family Clinic, we work with individuals on an individual basis during 30-minute sessions to provide treatments specially customized to satisfy your treatment strategy goals for physical therapy in Great Meadows NJ.

Neck Pain Treatment Great Meadows NJ

As a qualified chiropractic neck pain therapist in Great Meadows NJ we’ll address chronic neck pain be caused by disk damage in your cervical spine, misalignment of the vertebrae, arthritis, or traumatic injury. We’ll have the ability to both identify what’s causing your neck discomfort and develop an individualized treatment plan to address the issue as a top rated chiropractor. Cold laser treatment is just one of the options we provide for neck pain therapy. This intervention utilizes low intensity lasers calibrated to stimulate damaged cells and increase blood to the injured area to foster rapid healing. By calling a friendly and knowledgeable member of the Village Family Clinic staff, you will be able to find out more about all your options from a qualified chiropractic neck pain therapist in Great Meadows NJ.

Low Back Pain Therapy Great Meadows NJ

Village Family Clinic makes an excellent choice when you need back pain therapy in Great Meadows NJ thanks to our extensive experience when it comes to chiropractic back pain treatment. Based upon the reason for your back pain, one of our highly proficient and experienced chiropractic experts will come up with a comprehensive personalized low back pain treatment plan to provide you with relief from pain as quickly as possible. An example of one of the alternatives we offer at Village Family Clinic for back pain therapy is spinal decompression. It’s a type of low back pain treatment that relieves the pressure on your nerves which results in leg, arm, back or neck pain with technologically enhanced traction. Give us a call at Village Family Clinic today if you’re interested in finding out more about the types of low back pain therapy in Great Meadows NJ we provide.

Chiropractic Great Meadows NJ

If you’re trying to find a physical therapist or chiropractor in Great Meadows NJ during the weekends for evenings, we offer appointments for these times for your convenience. We also supply a broad range of payment options for our various chiropractic services. If you’re experiencing discomfort and are in serious need of chiropractic back or neck pain therapy in Great Meadows NJ, do not wait to give us a call at Village Family Clinic today.

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