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Refer a friend

We need your help!

And we’ll enter you to win a Tailgate Package that includes a grill, chairs, and a cooler, to get it!

We want to help more great patients get pain relief just like we did for you, and we know great people know other GREAT people. Here’s how you can help your friends and us AND have a chance to win a great prize:

1 Most everyone knows someone dealing with different pain issues like headaches, back pain, neck pain and… Take just a couple of minutes to share a few of those names with us, and send the form back to us, OR you can call our office with the names, we’ll do the rest.

2 If they schedule an appointment and come in for treatment, we’ll give them a first visit special price and a gift because you referred them to us.

3 Plus... We’ll enter you in a drawing to win our Tailgate Package that includes a Webber Go Anywhere Grill, 2 Coleman Folding Chairs, and a Yeti Cooler; perfect timing for fall tailgate season. All you have to do is tell us Who Do You Know-a relative, a co-worker, a friend, a neighbor, (we also treat moms-to-be and children), a fellow golfer who wants to improve their game, or just someone you know who works too hard in the yard.

We’re holding the drawing on October 3rd at the office. Please submit your names by Sept. 29th.

Give us their name, and address and we’ll do the rest. BTW, we’ll put an entry in with your name for every person you send to us that comes in for treatment; the more names you submit, means more chances to win for you.

Who Do You Know That Suffers With… Who do you know that has back pain?

Who do you know that has back pain?

Who do you know that has neck pain?

Who do you know that experiences headaches?

Who do you know that has knee/ shoulder/ elbow pain?


I understand that my name will be used, and a mailer will be sent to the above-mentioned people.

We serve a variety of patients, from young athletes to senior citizens.

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