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Village Family Clinic Help Relieve Jim's Sciatica Pain

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Hi, my name is Jim. I’ve been a patient here at Village Family Clinic for six or seven months. I came here because my wife, Alice, raved about this place and I had been coming to chiropractors for 20 years on and off, and because of my wife. 

I decided to give the clinic a try because of the sciatica pain that I had in my left leg. And I gotta say that within a couple of weeks, after starting treatments on the decompression table that he has here, I felt great, tremendous relief and I’ve been coming through many sessions and I’m on the monthly maintenance now for it and the pain is just gone. It’s really been a miracle. Coming from somebody who’s had back operation on my right sciatica pain that I had two years ago and other pains that I’ve had with sciatica on my back over the years, this place was the first place that actually produced such great results.

I can’t say enough about it. I absolutely love the place. The staff is super friendly. It’s a pleasure to come here and I gotta say they have the best coffee maker that I’ve ever had. So I highly recommend you coming to this clinic.

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