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Three Tips to Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Village Family Clinic - Better Night Sleep

For some of you, getting truly good sleep is an elusive healthy life habit. Today we reflect on the importance of getting quality sleep as a fundamentally important life skill. There are three key points about sleep:

  • Give yourself time to wind down without light stimulation
  • Establish consistency of the hour of day or night that you go to bed and when you get out of bed
  • Use low volume “white noise”, but know that quiet environments set you up for the best sleep possible

We feel strongly that it is our responsibility to deliver more than just great chiropractic care for neck pain, back pain, knee pain, and all of your other joint and spine needs. We believe that part of Village Family Clinic's Complete Care Approach means helping you to develop healthy habits that will improve other parts of your life as well. We pride ourselves on providing lots of quality of life-enhancing chiropractic treatment services. Sleep consultation is a perfect example.

One thing you want to remember when trying to get into a good sleep rhythm is to give yourself time to wind down a little bit. That means no bright lights. It's better to turn off all blue lights if you can but if you can't turn off lights like your phone at least. Dim them as much as you can because that really stimulates your brain and makes it hard to fall asleep.

You want to start trying to focus on sleep time. The time you go to bed is important, but it's also really important to focus on what time you get up. Trying to get up within an hour of the same time every day even on the weekends will really help get your circadian rhythm going the way you want it.

Some other sleep habits that are important is to try to find a dark space to sleep where you can. Lights in your room, LED lights, which are kind of on everything now, tend to make it harder to stay asleep. And noise. Some noise can be okay. White noise is great, but a quiet place will help you sleep more soundly throughout the night.

If you think sleep consultation would be beneficial for you, please feel free to Village Family Clinic anytime!

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