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Sprain vs. Strain, What's The Difference?

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Hey, how's everybody doing out there today. It's Dr. Carlock of Village Family Clinic. Going to talk about what happens if you have a sprained joint or ligament. Have a sprained ankle, sprained elbow.

A lot of people don't know where to go. We're actually a pretty good place to stop by if you do have some of these injuries, as chiropractors there's a lot of different stuff we can do. So the difference between a strain and a sprain, first of all a strain is an overstretch of a tendon or muscle and the sprain is an overstretch of a ligament. Both painful, sprains usually take a little bit longer to heal and the treatments we have is really a bunch of different stuff. So we have the ultrasound machine which is really good to help reduce any swelling and inflammation.

We also have the laser which is good to process healing faster. It does actually increase the healing process from a sprain or strain also decreases pain and same deal reduces swelling inflammation. We also have k-tape, which is a cool thing if we can tape the joint around it to put it in the proper posture to increase proprioception increase healing and all that stuff as well.

So if you did have a spray pain or strain you injured yourself on the sport field or whatever come on down here. We'll do some stuff to get you feeling better.

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