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Rotator Cuff Injury and Treatment

Monday, October 10, 2022

Hey, how's everybody doing out there? It's Dr. Carlock from Village Family Clinic. Today we're just going to talk a little bit about shoulder pain, specifically the rotator cuff. So when people have ... it might cause a lot of confusions, people say rotator cuff, what exactly does that mean? So there's really, there's four muscles. If you want to get the scientific name, Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor, and Subscapularis, which nobody really cares about that. But anyway, so the rotator cuff, there's a muscle there, there, there, and there. And they all attach right in the top of your arm, right around there. And what it does is shoulder rotation. So it does that. And when it comes up here, the shoulder's rotating inwardly and outwardly like that.

So a lot of times people get injuries, sometimes like bad trauma, car, whatever. But mainly it's from overuse for a lot of overhead work. Construction workers doing that, painters, hairdressers, or whatnot. If you're overusing it a lot you can strain some of those tendons. And over time it can degenerate a little bit and cause some pain. So a lot of times diagnosed from MRI, you'll see how bad the tear is.

But also there's biceps tendon, which a lot of the time people can mistake that for rotator cuff pain. So the bicep tendon attaches pretty much the same spot where all the other rotator cuffs attach, and that's just where the bicep is and right there. So a lot of times people have surgery, if they tear the rotator cuff, they also tear that tendon because it's in the same spot. So if you're feeling pain there, it can definitely be a certain number of things.

So we can help you with that in the office. Some rotator cuff, especially if it's not ... a full tear, obviously we can't help. But if it's a minor tear, strain, we can definitely help you. We have ultrasound, therapy, stem, we do some mild fascial release techniques. We can really kind of loosen up the muscle and break up some of the adhesions in there, and just mobilizations to get it moving properly. So if you're having any issue with rotator cuff you think, or shoulder pain, come on in, get checked out. 9-0-8 8-1-3 8-2-0-0. We'll get you feeling better.

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