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Quality of Life Improving Wellness Tips: Value Priced at Thirty Minutes a Day

Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Village Family Clinic - Mature People Staying Active

Hello all and welcome back to Hackettstown’s Village Family Clinic health and wellness blog. Today we’re going to go over general wellness tips about maintaining an active lifestyle. If we motivate you to be active and live a pain free live via simple wellness advice, we feel we win as proprietors of Hackettstown’s celebrated multi-specialty medical facility!

What maintaining an active lifestyle means is, about five out of the seven days each week, engage in about 30 minutes of physical activity. Whether going on a walk, slinging a bunch of weight in the gym, or doing some high intensity interval training, what we're recommending is getting your heart rate up. Get it in the target range of about 120 to 160 beats a minute. This is the prototypical range where we're going to start burning some extra calories and getting into fat burning mode. This exercise is going to help reduce your chances of becoming obese it also can help lower your blood pressure.

Exercise helps with strengthening your heart by having it pump more blood over a longer period of time which is going to reduce the stress on the heart when you aren't doing those exercises. This allows you to maintain a lower steady blood pressure. It also is going to increase your bone minerality and prevent you from having osteoporosis or osteopenia. These are conditions where the body starts losing its hardness in the mineralization of the bone.

Doing some weight bearing exercise is going to allow your muscles to pull on the bones just enough to where it creates more mineralization of the bones and makes your bones nice and hard. It's also going to help you build and increase your strength and allow you to perform the activities that you want to do around the house. Regular routine exercise or activity releases endorphins in the body which is going to allow you to relieve some of that stress. It will allow you to sleep a little bit better due to exercise promoting healthy sleep patterns. Exercise helps you overall regulate the hormones in your body and maintain less stress throughout the day.

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