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There is a pivotal moment in virtually every one of our patient-to-provider relationships. That moment is when we first shake hands with them and they share a common story about being at “wits end” regarding their acute and systemic pain. We assure all that we’ve “got your back”, but in Linda’s case, we inherited her neck, legs, and feet pain in addition to her back pain. Each and every day, once the last patient has left Village Family Clinic, we lock the door for the evening and reflect back on the day’s events. We celebrate the fact that a laundry list of pains entered that same door but never exited because of what we do here. In the short video below, Linda refers to the multiple modalities that we incorporate within her pain management plan, but what stands out most is her celebration of the success of her acupuncture treatments here at our Hackettstown NJ clinic.

So Linda, we thank you, think about you, and celebrate the fact that long after you’ve left us earlier today that you’re out there celebrating a managed quality of life that we know you deserve.

Hi my name is Linda, I've been coming to see Dr. Fedich and his staff for several years now. From neck, back, legs, and feet pain, Dr. Fedich and his staff have taken care of me from head to foot. They have all sorts of different modalities. If one thing isn't working for you the doctor will suggest something else. So between the three chiropractors, Dr. Z with the acupuncture that I LOVE! Everyone here is so wonderful and this is the place you really should come if you are having any kind of pain, aches, and they will take care of you 100%, Thank you.

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Hi I'm Laurel, I'm a patient at the Village Family Clinic. I just want to thank Dr. Fedich and the whole staff for everything they have done for me. My back feels so much better. This machine that I have been using has really helped my back and I just want to thank everybody. Thank you!

Hi! My name Maria and I'm here at the Village Family Clinic. I came for compression for my neck and chiropractic for my back and I'm feeling better. The atmosphere in this clinic is so friendly. They know what they're doing and I would love for people come to this place. They're very friendly, especially my friend Jessica. Fully nice work, everybody fully nice. I wish everybody would come here. Very friendly people in this clinic.

Hi I'm Peggy. The entire team is friendly and helpful, from the moment you walk in the door! To be greeted by your first name makes you feel welcome, this team really cares about YOU! I have 3 pinched nerves in my lower back which is the reason I first came here. Bob taught me stretches to do, Pat & Michelle put me on the stretchingboard & electric shock. ( even providing me with a comfy blanket😍). Dr. Miller keeps me aligned. And there is a crazy woman running around who especially makes me laugh! Abbby!? (Sorry, I forget your name. ) I actually love going here!