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Is it good to go to the chiropractor after a car accident?

Friday, March 31, 2023

How's everybody doing out there. It's Dr. Carlock at Village Family Clinic.A question we are getting is, is it good to go to the chiropractor after a car accident? So we've been seeing a lot of cases personal injury, personal injury cases recently that people have gone to car accident the Hackettstown area and we're definitely an awesome... treatment option for that. So a lot of times you know if it's more serious to go to the emergency room make sure everything is good you don't have any like, obviously you know broken bones or anything like that. But, after that chiropractic is definitely the next best option for you. So it's important to keep that spine in alignment, make sure we reduce some swelling and inflammation with therapies. If you have any sprains, strains, things of that nature. So definitely Chiropractic should be your first course of action after well, I'll say second course of action have the emergency room but then come to us we'll definitely get you feeling better.

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