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How Village Family Clinic Can Help with Your Knee Pain

Friday, January 05, 2024

Knee Pain is one of the most common extremity conditions we treat here in Village Family Clinic! (Extremity meaning arms or legs.) There can be many different causes or reasons for knee pain, especially where exactly the pain is on the knee.

The knee is a simple hinge joint that has very little lateral motion. The knee itself is where the end of the femur bone connects to the top of the tibia bone; the “kneecap” is called the patella. There are many muscles and tendons and ligaments surrounding the knee joint and supporting it.

One of the most common causes of knee pain we see in the office is osteoarthritis. Arthritis is essentially the degeneration of tissues supporting the knee in between the bones. About 95% of arthritis pain will be on the medial (inside) part of the knee. Sometimes you may hear the doctor say you have “bone on bone” – this means there is barely any connective tissue left and may require a knee replacement.

Another common form of knee pain would be a Sprain or a Strain. A strain refers to an overstretch of a muscle and a Sprain is an overstretch of a ligament. Sprains will usually take longer to heal. A tear is when the tendon or ligament will lacerate and may require more in-depth treatment. Bone bruises can also occur in the knee although less common. The most rare cause of knee pain is actual pathology such as a tumor.

There are many forms of treatment in our clinic for knee pain such as Ultrasound, therapeutic exercises, stretching, KT taping, knee bracing, Class 4 Laser treatment, and as well as looking at the spine for misalignments.

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