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Happy, Healthy Kids

Thursday, January 26, 2023
Village Family Clinic

Greetings, All. Dr. Fedich, DC, here from Village Family Clinic serving the chiropractic care needs here in Hackettstown-Allamuchy, NJ.

Ask any parent, it's the only thing we want! Whether your child is just learning to walk, a college athlete or anything in between, this guide will help you understand the essential role chiropractic plays in your child's health and inform you on what you need to know before taking your child to a chiropractor.

Simple, Safe, and Effective

An approach to health that any parent can be proud of. Parents and pediatric physicians alike, look to chiropractors to help establish a safe, natural, and drug-free foundation that can have immediate and long-term benefits to their child’s health.

Many of you may be asking “But, why?”. To help answer that, let’s start with a simple anatomy refresher.

Like adults, children’s spinal columns are made up of 24 independent vertebrae that enable them to twist, bend and move throughout the day. It also protects the delicate central nervous system that controls the body’s ability to grow, repair and function at its best by communicating with every cell, tissue and organ of the body.

Subluxations of the spine, commonly known as joint dysfunctions, occur when two or more vertebrae become restricted and impede the body’s ability to communicate with itself. Joint dysfunctions in a child can be caused by everyday activities throughout their development cycle.

Falls while learning to walk, championship wrestling with dad, lugging an oversized backpack around and staring down at their phones are all great examples of activities that put the body in situations that can negatively affect the spine and proper nerve communication throughout the body.

Chiropractors are trained to locate and correct joint dysfunctions by applying a gentle, targeted movement to the body’s spinal column and extremities, where and when needed. This non-invasive technique is commonly known as a chiropractic adjustment, which according to the Mayo Clinic, is safe and complications are rare.

I can tell you it works for my kids. Scarlett will be 8 in April and Britton will be 5 the same month. I can tell you that neither one of my children have ever been to the pediatrician for 'sick visit' only their wellness appointments! Give it s shot maybe chiropractic care can keep your kids or grandkids out of the pediatricians office as well!

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