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Hackettstown Chiropractor Helps You Put Your Life Back into Balance (Part 3)

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Hello once more from our Hackettstown’s Multi-Specialty Medical Facility! In our earlier post, we delved into the second "T" among the three factors that can cause the body to lose its balance. Now, let's progress to the following "T," which is “Toxicity”.

Toxicity makes you sick because toxins will damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and the immune system. Today the biggest toxins are coming from 3 areas:

1. The major increase in pharmaceuticals that people are taking. Most don’t understand that although you are taking pharmaceuticals to make a change in physiology those pills are actually very toxic and the toxicity is what causes other symptoms.

2. Genetically, modified food and all the hormones pumped into the meat and dairy. If they change the genetics of the food, then your genetics will also change and when your genes change the body starts to mutate and form cancer. When the hormones are pumped into the livestock you are actually ingesting the hormones as well. The artificial hormones have been linked to changing the genetics of your cells and forming cancer.

3. The hidden sugar in all the processed food paralyzes the immune system allowing cancer cells to form taking over the body. The additional sugar in processed foods also contributes to diabetes. A teaspoon of sugar paralyzes the immune system for up to 48 hours.

So ladies and gentlemen you ask me what is wrong with me Doc, and I say that if we go to work on the 3 T’s together then your body will come into balance and it will heal from the inside out no matter what condition you are suffering from.

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