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Hackettstown Chiropractor Helps You Put Your Life Back into Balance (Part 1)

Monday, November 27, 2023

Greetings from our Hackettstown Multi-Specialty Medical Facility where we take great pride in both educating and treating our beloved friends and neighbors. And welcome to my world on a Daily Basis! As a highly skilled professional pain management team, people ask us this question. They want to know why they are feeling the way they are feeling. No matter what the condition, what is wrong with you is that the body is out of balance and when a body is out of balance it does not have the capacity to heal. The reason the body goes out of balance or what we call homeostasis is because of the 3 T’s.

The 3 T’s are Thoughts, Traumas, and Toxicity

Let us first talk about the first "T" which is Thoughts. Thoughts can make you sick, especially negative thoughts! Have you ever caught yourself speaking negatively to yourself? If so, how did that make you feel? Or have you ever hung around a very negative person for long enough periods of time? How did you feel? You see, how you feel is the most important part because your thoughts are turned into emotions which are hormones and when you release the wrong hormones on a consistent basis the body breaks down. Too much negativity leads to too much cortisol production or stress hormone production.

Way back in 1952 Hans Selye discovered that high levels of cortisol produced from high levels of mental stress caused the body to go out of balance and as a result he discovered 3 things happen:

  1. The immune system shuts down.
  2. The digestive system shuts down and
  3. People develop skin conditions.

Does this sound familiar in today’s society? More mental stress than ever before leading to more autoimmune diseases than ever before, leading to more immune systems shutting down leading to cancer than ever before and more digestive difficulty than ever before. The moral of the story is to avoid negative thoughts by shutting off the news, drop people in your life that are negative, and start talking to yourself in affirmative and positive ways.

In the next Village Family Clinic post, let us delve into the next "T" which is Trauma and how it can affect our body's homeostasis.


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