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Does No Symptoms Mean You Are Healthy?

Saturday, January 20, 2024

In a world where our understanding of health is constantly evolving, a question persists: Does the absence of symptoms equate to true health? Here's a video of Dr. James Fedich as he explains the intricate relationship between symptoms and health, challenging conventional wisdom and uncovering the nuances that shape our understanding of what it truly means to be healthy.

Hello, everyone. I'm Doctor James Fedich, the clinic director at Village Family Clinic. Today, I'd like to discuss a fundamental concept with you: Health versus Symptoms.

People often wonder why they should get a checkup if they're feeling well. The truth is, sometimes we don't notice problems until they become serious. To illustrate this, I often use a simple line chart with my patients. On one end, we have 100% health, and on the other end, we have 0%, which, well, would likely mean you're not alive. So, most of us fall somewhere between these extremes. We're not perfect, and even if we feel okay, our bodies may not be functioning optimally.

Imagine this line representing your health. If you're at 100%, you wouldn't feel any pain or symptoms. But as you move down the line, say to 90%, 80%, or even 50%, your body's ability to function decreases, and you might start experiencing symptoms. Studies have shown that around 40% is typically when symptoms begin to manifest, even though the actual dysfunction may have started earlier.

Consider heart health, for example. Many people don't realize they have heart issues until it's too late. In fact, the first symptom for 40% of those with heart problems is sudden death. Scary, right? This highlights the importance of regular checkups and tests to catch issues before they become serious.

Moreover, you could be living your life at, say, 50% functionality without any noticeable symptoms. This is why it's crucial to prioritize your health and not wait until you feel unwell to seek care.

Now, when patients come to our clinic, they're often experiencing pain, indicating that they're likely below the 40% mark on our health scale. Our goal is not just to alleviate their pain but to help them surpass that threshold and regain optimal function. However, staying above this line requires ongoing care and maintenance.

Ultimately, our aim is to elevate you to your peak physical, mental, and social well-being, as defined by the World Health Organization. It's not just about being symptom-free; it's about performing at your best. So, let's work together to ensure you're living your best life possible. Thank you for listening.

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