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Chiropractic Pain Management for Pregnant Women

Friday, November 24, 2023
Village Family Clinic - Pregnant woman undergoing chiropractic adjustment

Do you know that chiropractic care is not only safe but a superb pain management tool for pregnant women? Chiropractic positively affects both mom and the baby.

It is both comforting and practical important to get adjusted when you are pregnant. When pregnant women receive adjustments, their uterus and pelvis are balanced. This creates more room for both mommy and baby, and will eliminate some of the lower back pain pregnant women endure. One of the reasons chiropractic is great for pregnancy is the role your nervous system plays in growing a tiny human. The nervous system tells your body how to do absolutely everything. Chiropractic care ensures that your brain is communicating clearly with all of your organs and glands. Therefore, chiropractic care is really important for mom’s nervous system to talk clearly with the baby’s for the best chance at great development. In addition, another reason to get chiropractic care during pregnancy is because of the physical changes within the body. As the baby grows, that changes mom’s biomechanics. Many people say that it is common to have a painful pregnancy, not normal. Having an uncomfortable pregnancy sure is normal but being in pain should not be the norm.

Emotional, physical, and chemical stress during pregnancy are the main reasons to get chiropractic care. Stress during pregnancy not only affects mom but it affects the baby too. Chiropractic care allows mom’s body to adapt to the stresses of pregnancy. So if mom is adapting well, so is the baby.

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