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Carpal Tunnel & Chiropractic

Friday, February 24, 2023

How's everybody doing out there. It's Dr. Carlock at Village Family Clinic. Today talking about condition that we're seeing more common in the office here and that's Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

So when we talk about Carpal Tunnel. You got your wrist there and there's a little tunnel in there.. where a nerve, a vein, an artery pass through. Your Carpal Ligament attaches those two bones and a lot of times that ligament can get inflamed or tight and it presses on that nerve and that's where you feel a lot of the tingling or pain and the hand numbness all that stuff.

So we can occur a number of ways, a lot of times people that sit and type all day long, repetitive stress on the wrists. People that have jobs that use their hands a lot also when you sleep a lot of times people for comfort will sleep like this and you're just crushing all the nerves in your wrists. You get the feel position you're doing that.

You don't even know you're doing it but a lot of people do that. Also in pregnant women a lot of times that's common to develop carpal tunnel symptoms just from like the ligaments get inflamed a little bit but this is something definitely we could treat in the office and help you feel better with. So it comes down to really kind of mobilizing and loosening up that ligament in there, working on the wrist adjusting the bones and the wrist there's eight little bones in there and also this ultrasound machine which is research shown that helps a lot.

So it's just a little machine it puts on your wrist and it emits sound waves to help break up adhesions and just reduce some swelling and inflammation in there. So if you are having any Carpal Tunnel Symptoms, come on down here we'll get you feeling better quick.


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