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Can I Adjust Myself?

Monday, March 06, 2023

Hey everybody. People ask all the time, can I adjust my own neck or can I pop my own spine. Hey, I'm Dr Fedich here from Village Family Clinic. We're going to explain this to you real quick and how you can't really adjust yourself or adjust your own spine.

So anytime you hear a popping or clicking a joint whether it's popping your knuckles or anything else. Really what it is, is a joint moving really fast. So what happens is those joints are stuck and they're moving extra fast and actually in a little bit more than they should they'll make a popping noise. So 90% of the time when you're adjusting your own spine or popping your own neck.

What you're doing is actually taking that bone that's already moving too much and you're moving it even more which makes the problem worse. What you really need to do is unstick these stuck bones. So when you're adjusting yourself at home you're just kind of popping that joint that's already too mobile and that's actually making the problem worse. What a chiropractor does differently is we find that stuck segment. We use our hands to open up that stuck segment and we get the motion all back to normal where they're each bending a little bit.

So that's the big difference when you're actually adjusting yourself, we're causing more damage because we're moving a joint that's already moving too much and the chiropractor takes the joint that's stuck and we start moving it. So hopefully explains why you can't adjust yourself. Give us a call, any questions 908 813-8200.

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