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A Lower Back Pain Patient Testimonial

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Hey, I just want to do a shout-out to anyone that's having a problem with lower back pain like I have had over the past couple of years. In the field that I work in, I'm doing a lot of heavy lifting of equipment and cameras and things like that, and sometimes I'll throw a camera over my shoulder, and all of a sudden I'm leaning this way. After a period of time, that kind of wears on you. And every so often I get some lower back pain.

So really for anyone that has a career, a job where you're doing hard work, standing up a lot, whether it's in construction or just anything where you feel some pain, don't be afraid to come here, because they do a great job. I was hesitant because I just didn't know what a chiropractor could do for me. And I gave it a try about two years ago, and I'm the regular here. So just have to say thank you to you guys. Appreciate it.

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