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Testimonial - Chiropractic Adjustment Allamuchy

Interviewer: What’s your name?
Girl: Hailey
Interviewer: How old are you, Hailey?
Hailey: 4
Interviewer: Where are you?
Hailey: Chiropractor
Interviewer: At the Chiropractor? What do you do at the chiropractor?
Hailey: Get adjusted
Interviewer: And who adjust you?
Hailey: Dr. Hover
Interviewer: And do you like it when Dr. Hover adjusts you?
Hailey: Yes
Interviewer: Yea, Is it fun?
Hailey: Yes
Interviewer: Is it scary?
Hailey: No
Interviewer: Should other little kids come here to get adjusted?
Hailey: Yes
Interviewer: Where do you get adjusted? What are you sitting on?
Hailey: Adjusting table
Interviewer: And what’s on the table?
Hailey: A dinosaur
Interviewer: Would you get adjusted again?
Hailey: Yes
Okay, thank you, Hailey.

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"I work in health care & having the office open during this pandemic has been a God send! I always have been taken care of wonderfully by all the staff, especially by the chiropractors who give me my regular tune-ups! I so appreciate that I can walk-in & be seen promptly. Thank you!!!"

The staff is amazing and truly helpful. I was able to get an appointment at the same time as my mother so we could drive together. They work quickly and are effective with managing my pain.

Very thorough, informative and friendly. Highly recommend