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Attention Veterans! Limited to 7 Veterans only,
FREE Veterans Stress Reduction Package

Did you know that our center is VA choice approved! One of the only centers in North West NJ. This means with VA approval, you can get no out of pocket cost chiropractic, physical therapy and or acupuncture care right here next to home! call our clinic for more details

Well, I have been running a healthcare practice here in town for over 15 years. We love to help everyone with their stress and health issues. I have found a really powerful program to get rid of stress, combining acupuncture, physical therapy and chiropractic care. In fact, we found that our Veterans do really well with a regular program combing chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture. In fact, we have a special

Veterans Free Stress Reduction Package

Don't believe me? Here is what some Veterans had to say:
"Hi I'm Allyson. I have been coming to Village Family Clinic for about 2 years now. I have had substantial pain in my neck and my shoulder and Dr Fedich has been able to help with it. It's a great place to come!"

Here is what another Veterans had to say!
"Hi I'm Joanne. Dr Fedich helped me find relief when pain kept me from the life I enjoy. They make you feel like they truly understand what you're going through and you know they want to help"

More proof this program works well for Veterans:
"My name is Ella. I started coming to Village Family Clinic about a year ago, right after my 87-year-old mother was treated there. I am very happy with my treatment and have been enjoying a pain-free life. I recommend the office to co-workers and neighbors. The care provided by the staff and doctors is great!"

Here is another great testimonial from a Veteran we helped:
"I'm Corey R. I used to get several migraine headaches a month for years. Since I started coming here, I have experienced very few migraines. This has greatly improved my quality of life. The doctors and staff are all so friendly and caring. It is obvious everyone here enjoys their job taking care of people. I have never felt rushed and the women at the desk are very accommodating to my busy and often changing schedule."

So, you can tell I have a passion for helping Veterans. I'd like to help you reduce the stress of the school year and all that goes along with it by offering you our Veterans Stress Reduction package!

Package Includes:

  • Consultation with one of our caring doctors
  • Digital spinal stress test (no x-ray or anything not fun)
  • Digital posture analysis
  • De-stressing acupuncture session
  • Caring and friendly staff
  • Simple Bone Density Scan--an in-office, 5-min bone density scan (if needed)
  • And for the next month only, a free Veterans gift!
  • All this for FREE!

Why so low, it's my way of giving back. My family has taught for many years, and we have seen so many Veterans over the years with stress. It's my way to help. And, further care may even be completely covered by your insurance. Each district has choices in plans, so my expertly trained billing staff will verify your insurance and see what exactly is covered and how much, if anything, additional care would cost in our clinic.

So, you have nothing to loose, give us a call or text us today at (908) 344-5198 for a Veterans stress reduction package for FREE!. But hurry! This offer will expire on 4/01/19. I don't want you to miss out on this really sweet deal!


But hurry! This offer will expire on 4/01/19. I don't want you to miss out!


James R Fedich, DC

P.S. Make sure you schedule your Veterans Stress reduction package for FREE by 4/01/19, this includes a full stress assessment, digital spinal exam, and acupuncture session!

P.P.S. We get asked all the time, yes, you can share with your Veterans friends, but this is for Veterans only! Have them give us a call as well, (908) 344-5198 and mention the Veterans stress reduction special for FREE!