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Testimonial - Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Hackettstown NJ

"​Hi, My name is Peter H. and I’ve been coming into the clinic now for about a month a half or 2 months. I came in with nephropathy basically in my feet related to diabetes, most likely, and I’d been seen by Dr. Carlock and Dr. Z and had a consultation with Dr. Fedich. I have to say that they are all highly knowledgeable, very helpful, and passionate when it comes to having an idea of the protocol to approach the problem. They seem to be on the money and I definitely have had an improvement of my senses since I started. The staff is great. The girls go out of their way to make sure you're accommodated with your appointments and to show you as much care as they can while you’re here. I really have nothing but positive things to say, that you can't go wrong going with the program here. They try to deal with the problems whatever they might be. Thank you."

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