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Testimonial - Herniated disk and shoulder pain treatments in Hackettstown, NJ

"Hi I'm Nicole Miller, I'm a patient here at Village Family Clinic. I've been coming here for about eight months to a year, I originally came in because I had herniated discs in my lower back region and my current plan was really to go on the decompression table. Dr. Miller has helped me significantly and being able to move, bend and fluctuates my lower back so I have had a lot of relief in regards to that. I actually also came, I had shoulder pain and it turned out to be a nerve that was being pinched and I couldn't move my shoulder. I lift my arm for even than this without severe pain and they actually told me that it was a pinched nerve and I actually came in for adjustments and the pain went away. So, I have been extremely happy I wasn't even able to turn the wheel driving and it was very painful but now I'm happy and I would absolutely recommend Village Family Clinic because they have done nothing but great things for me."

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