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Testimonial - Chiropractic Adjustment Allamuchy

Interviewer: What’s your name?
Girl: Hailey
Interviewer: How old are you, Hailey?
Hailey: 4
Interviewer: Where are you?
Hailey: Chiropractor
Interviewer: At the Chiropractor? What do you do at the chiropractor?
Hailey: Get adjusted
Interviewer: And who adjust you?
Hailey: Dr. Hover
Interviewer: And do you like it when Dr. Hover adjusts you?
Hailey: Yes
Interviewer: Yea, Is it fun?
Hailey: Yes
Interviewer: Is it scary?
Hailey: No
Interviewer: Should other little kids come here to get adjusted?
Hailey: Yes
Interviewer: Where do you get adjusted? What are you sitting on?
Hailey: Adjusting table
Interviewer: And what’s on the table?
Hailey: A dinosaur
Interviewer: Would you get adjusted again?
Hailey: Yes
Okay, thank you, Hailey.


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