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Testimonial - Herniated Disk

"This is the Spinal decompression machine. Dr. Fedich introduced me to this machine about a month ago. I was suffering from a herniated disk back before Mother’s day and on and off throughout the summer. I struggle with lots of pain from glutes, and my lower area and it was a day-to-day thing. I went to 2 different chiropractors and 2 different places. I visited orthopedists. I had 2 epidurals in July. And I stopped here sometime in late September and I was introduced to Dr. Fedich and all the wonderful people in this office. They suggested this machine, which I’m standing in front of, might work. At that point I had nothing to lose and here I am just about five weeks later. I’m not gonna say I am fully cured yet, but I’m well on my way. I thank God every day that they asked me to try this."

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