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Chiropractic Health Care - Effective and Conservative Treatment for Joint Dysfunction and Body Pain - Allamuchy, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Friday, July 03, 2015

Today, chiropractic care clinics can offer treatment that focuses on natural techniques for improving your health without the need for prescription drugs or undergoing expensive surgery. These are just two reasons why many people look for safe and effective alternative treatments for issues with body pain and joint dysfunction. For all types of mild and chronic aches and pains patients are now turning to chiropractic care.

With the help of chiropractors in Allamuchy, NJ, you can find relief for pain that you are experiencing in your neck, shoulder, or back. Chiropractic care caters to people of all ages with sciatica, migraines, headaches, and even those with conditions such as fibromyalgia and scoliosis. It is also effective in helping you recover from sports injuries and even accident-related trauma.

Chiropractic health care is considered a natural approach to overall health and wellness. It promotes the proper positioning of the spine in order to improve body functions and maintain an active lifestyle. Regular chiropractic treatment prevents subluxation, more commonly known as joint dysfunction, which results in discomfort and pain as well as a decrease in mobility.

If you need to address joint dysfunction in the spine, neck or back, which keeps you from doing what you love to do in life, have yourself checked at the Village Family Clinic. Contact us for more details.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy Encompasses Many Different Health Benefits - Hackettstown, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Monday, June 29, 2015

Whole-body vibration therapy is a safe and effective way to maintain bone density and muscle mass. However, the positive benefits of this innovative new treatment actually address all types of different health benefits.

>Vibration therapy in Hackettstown, NJ works by applying vibration to all of- or part of- the body. This increases cardio stimulation, which is why this therapy is widely used in sports medicine and rehabilitation. There are approximately 50 muscle contractions per second on the targeted area. During the treatment, you do not have to move; you just stand or sit on the machine. Vibration therapy uses advanced technology that mainly assists conditions such as arthritis, muscle strain, post-operation rehabilitation, and tendonitis, and muscle overuse injuries.

The benefits of vibration therapy go beyond enhancing your muscles and bones. It improves the body’s performance, increases muscle tone, helps in weight loss, improves flexibility and range of motion, increases circulation, and reduces pain and stiffness, just to name some. Vibration therapy also helps increase circulation which distributes nutrients to all of your systems, and it increases lymphatic drainage which helps stop toxins from building up in your body. The vibration therapy can also help your body burns stored fat. A slower speed of vibration gives muscles more time to convert body fat into operational energy, regulating your appetite as well as your metabolism and blood pressure.

In order to enjoy and maximize the benefits of whole body vibration therapy, contact Village Family Clinic.

Cold Laser Therapy is a Non-invasive Approach to Providing Pain Relief - Allamuchy, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Cold laser therapy in Allamuchy, NJ is a relatively contemporary procedure that comes with several advantages to providing pain relief or pain reduction. It is one option among a variety of treatment approaches that is non-invasive. This means it does not require the use of drugs nor does it entail any surgical incision.

While cold laser therapy for pain relief can be used alone as a treatment for body pain, it can work together with other alternative therapies as well. This low level laser can target acupuncture trigger points without the need for needles. Apart from offering a non-intrusive option to pain relief, cold laser therapy also provides a non-addicting treatment thereby eliminating the complications of long-term drug treatment alternatives. The cold laser produces an impulse of light energy units to damaged cells at a specific wavelength for maximized absorption of the energy at a desired depth. This is why this therapy is widely used for treatment of acute and chronic pain, arthritis, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, ligament sprains, muscle strains, soft tissue injuries, tennis elbow, and more.

Cold laser therapy is safe and effective, easy to apply, and has no side effects. It is also cost-effective for the patient who need pain treatment. To find out more about cold laser therapy for pain relief, visit the Village Family Clinic.

Spinal Decompression is a Safe and Effective Therapy for Recurring and Long Lasting Back Pain - Allamuchy, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 12, 2015
DRX9000 Spinal Decompression - Village Family Clinic

Recurring and long lasting back pain can be very disruptive to your life. It is important to find the safest and fastest way to treat it to improve your quality of life. Many people turn to spinal decompression therapy in Allamuchy, NJ. Spinal decompression works to relieve back pain by stretching the spine, changing its position and the forces that act on it.

The benefits of spinal decompression include the removing of pressure from the spinal disks. These gel-like cushions between the bones in your spine often bulge or herniate as a result of receiving too much pressure. Through spinal decompression, the discs are able to retract, taking the pressure off the nerves and other parts in your spine. This therapy also helps promote the movement of oxygen, water, and nutrient-rich fluids which are needed by the spinal disks in order for them to heal, thus alleviating the back pain.

There are two types of spinal decompression: surgical and nonsurgical. Most patients choose the nonsurgical route first. Nonsurgical spinal decompression uses motorized traction that aids in relieving pain in your back as well as in your neck, hips, buttocks, and the other adjacent muscles and joints. Nonsurgical spinal decompression also treats degenerative disk disease, posterior facet syndrome, and injured spinal nerve roots. During the treatment, you lay either face down or on an adjustable table which our qualified doctors operate in order to customize the treatment that fits your specific needs.

To find out more about spinal decompression treatment, visit the Village Family Clinic.

Massage Therapy Rewards Your Body and Helps It Perform Better - Hackettstown, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, April 30, 2015
Massage - Village Family Clinic

Having a full body massage on a regular basis is an effective way to help your body fight tension and stress which can be the cause of many illnesses. If you make the time to treat the soft tissues and muscles in your body with massage, you are actually maintaining your health and well-being at the same time. Massage therapy eliminates muscle tension and even helps relieve chronic pain.

Massage therapy in Hackettstown, NJ stimulates the production of endorphins which promote relaxation. Through a full-body massage, you help your body perform better. The massage technique smoothes the individual and interrelated tissues in your muscles and increases blood flow. This results in a strengthened immune system, improved body posture, better blood flow and circulation along with many more benefits to wellness.

Repeat sessions of full body massage therapy by a licensed therapist, combined with conventional medicine and other therapies, can actually help hasten the recovery time of injuries. Massage increases the blood circulation which facilitates the distribution of the nutrients throughout the body that are needed for faster repair and renewal of cells and tissues.

To find out more about the excellent therapeutic experience of a full body massage, visit the Village Family Clinic.

Acupuncture is a Safe and Effective Alternative for Pain Management and Treatment - Allamuchy, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Acupuncture is a great alternative for pain management and treatment. It is particularly helpful for people who have musculoskeletal problems. There are many types of pain that people experience in their lives, and there is some pain that cannot be understood.

The tiny needles used during acupuncture treatment stimulate certain points on your body to release endorphins and other natural pain relievers which encourage healing. This is why acupuncture is often the choice of treatment for those patients with chronic pain. Acupuncture for the treatment of pain has also been proven to improve the blood circulation to different parts of your body. Acupuncture is a type of pain treatment that is safe for the rest of your body. Unlike narcotic pain killers or reduced activity, acupuncture keeps you from harming the rest of your health in order to relieve your pain.

Because it provides treatment to your body as a whole, acupuncture has a proven track record of safely and immediately alleviating pain as well as effectively avoiding similar pain in the same area of the body in the future. As a result, acupuncture is currently combined with other available chiropractic services in order to achieve more relief and relaxation, thus the birth of Acupuncture in Allamuchy, NJ.

To find out more about acupuncture procedures, visit the Village Family Clinic.

Full Body Massage Therapy – Getting in Touch with Its Multiple Benefits - Hackettstown, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, March 26, 2015
Chiropractic Care - Village Family Clinic

There are many benefits to having a full body massage. Because it involves the rubbing and manipulation of ligaments, muscles, tendons, and skin, a massage reduces the effects of stress in most people. Aside from this, massage provides relief from pain and stiffness; it also results in increased circulation, improved immune system function, and better skin.

Massage has moved beyond the walls of your favorite spa into a medical setting. The massage therapy in Hackettstown, NJ can help manage or reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. After each session, you will benefit from better sleep, enhanced concentration, increased energy, and less fatigue. While having full body massage therapy, endorphins which are hormones that act as a pain reliever are released. Muscles that have long been overworked will be able to relax and soften as a result of massage. A massage also assists in the circulation of oxygen and nutrients allowing it to reach more tissues and organs in your body. This results in better performance and stronger immunity protection. Apart from stimulating the endocrine system and the lymphatic system, a full body massage also stimulates blood flow to improve your skin’s health and appearance.

To find out more about the multiple benefits of full body massage therapy specifically for your health and wellness, visit the Village Family Clinic.

Physical Therapy Safely and Effectively Treats Lower Back Pain - Allamuchy, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Friday, March 06, 2015
Physical Therapy - Village Family Clinic

A lot of people who experience back pain choose physical therapy as a form of treatment. Physical therapy treatment for the back rehabilitates the spine, putting the body back in a neutral position. This helps to prevent the recurrence of lower back pain. PT also improves the fitness level and strength of your back as you regularly work to restore your physical functions in order to accomplish daily tasks more effectively.

Specific exercises can help alleviate lower back pain. Rather than attempt these exercises on your own it is best that you work first with a physical therapist. A therapist has a deeper knowledge and understanding regarding how and why function and movement can be hindered by age, disease, injury, environmental factors, or a combination of all of these factors. Lower back physical therapy provides specific treatment for when back pain makes it hard for you to move around and from which you can get no relief.

Our physical therapy clinic will provide one-on-one sessions with a professional provider that last for 30 minutes; most often you will see the same provider during your succeeding sessions to relieve and treat your lower back pain. The exercises performed during physical therapy are based on the treatment plan established after you are carefully evaluated and your medical history has been carefully reviewed.

Physical therapy in Allamuchy, NJ at the Village Family Clinic is always done in a private room after a series of assessments have been performed. Physical therapy provides a remedy to injuries and other health-related conditions that somehow limit your movement and negatively affect your performance in certain activities. PT for your back always entails exercises that are strategically programmed to improve your body’s balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and strength.

If you are experiencing low back pain, immediately contact the Village Family Clinic.

A Chiropractor Conducts Non-Invasive Treatment for a Pain-Free Back and Neck - Hackettstown, NJ

Joseph Coupal - Friday, February 27, 2015
Chiropractic Care - Village Family Clinic

A professional chiropractor in Hackettstown, NJ can provide a comprehensive examination, correct diagnosis, and chiropractic treatment for disorders in your musculoskeletal system, specifically the spine. Driven by the patient’s pain and disability issues, chiropractors aim to prevent chronic pain by conducting treatments and using technique to provide relief from pain and discomfort as fast as possible.

Many individuals who have suffered an accident or experienced injury visit chiropractic care clinics for safe and effective treatment for chronic pain in the back and neck. The spine is carefully manipulated by the chiropractor to release tension and relieve pain. After each chiropractic adjustment, you will be given advice on how to avoid future episodes of pain and other related issues.

Chiropractic health care involves treatments that are non-invasive in order to provide long-term pain relief. Specific force is applied to the body changing the spinal bones’ positioning. You may hear popping noises as the gas and lubricating fluids in the spinal joints shift when undergoing this manual therapy that reduces nerve irritability and restores range in motion in the back.

For more details, visit Village Family Clinic.

Welcome to Village Family Clinic

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, February 19, 2015
Village Family Clinic
At Village Family Clinic Dr. Fedich specializes in a multidisciplinary approach to treating chronic and difficult conditions. He is certified in manipulation under anesthesia and also performs spinal decompression. He has expertise in performing non-surgical spinal decompression therapy as an alternative to effectively treating herniated, or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome, sciatica, post-surgical patients, and spinal stenosis among his many other successful modern techniques.decreasing the costs of running a medical clinic, she is able to provide more time at appointments and more personalized care.

We serve a variety of patients, from young athletes to senior citizens.

Book an appointment today!

Hi I'm Laurel, I'm a patient at the Village Family Clinic. I just want to thank Dr. Fedich and the whole staff for everything they have done for me. My back feels so much better. This machine that I have been using has really helped my back and I just want to thank everybody. Thank you!

Hi! My name Maria and I'm here at the Village Family Clinic. I came for compression for my neck and chiropractic for my back and I'm feeling better. The atmosphere in this clinic is so friendly. They know what they're doing and I would love for people come to this place. They're very friendly, especially my friend Jessica. Fully nice work, everybody fully nice. I wish everybody would come here. Very friendly people in this clinic.

Hi I'm Peggy. The entire team is friendly and helpful, from the moment you walk in the door! To be greeted by your first name makes you feel welcome, this team really cares about YOU! I have 3 pinched nerves in my lower back which is the reason I first came here. Bob taught me stretches to do, Pat & Michelle put me on the stretchingboard & electric shock. ( even providing me with a comfy blanket😍). Dr. Miller keeps me aligned. And there is a crazy woman running around who especially makes me laugh! Abbby!? (Sorry, I forget your name. ) I actually love going here!