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Testimonials - Hip Adjustment Massage Therapy Allamuchy

"Hi, I'm a patient here at Village Family Clinic. I have Dr. Jerold Kaminsky as my chiropractor. Well, he helped me get my hips back into place because I couldn't walk right for 2 years after I had back and neck surgery. Everyone here in the office is wonderful. Ashley is a wonderful massage therapist. If I need something they have it here for me. They accommodate me if I have special lotions for my massaging. Everyone here is really wonderful. It's the best chiropractor clinic that I have ever been to. They are friendly, they care about you, and anything you need they help you out. And I will be coming here now for as long as I need to. Everybody is just great. That's all I can say. Thank you."

We serve a variety of patients, from young athletes to senior citizens.

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Hi I'm Laurel, I'm a patient at the Village Family Clinic. I just want to thank Dr. Fedich and the whole staff for everything they have done for me. My back feels so much better. This machine that I have been using has really helped my back and I just want to thank everybody. Thank you!

Hi! My name Maria and I'm here at the Village Family Clinic. I came for compression for my neck and chiropractic for my back and I'm feeling better. The atmosphere in this clinic is so friendly. They know what they're doing and I would love for people come to this place. They're very friendly, especially my friend Jessica. Fully nice work, everybody fully nice. I wish everybody would come here. Very friendly people in this clinic.

Hi my name is Karen. Back in December, I came to Dr. Fedich because I'd been in a lot of pain with my neck. I had a herniated disk and they introduced me to this Triton machine, which has really been a God send, helping me pull my neck and taking the pain away. I also referred my father and my son because I trust this Doctor so much...he's helped me so much. Now, I'm going to Ashley for massages. I'm just addicted to this place..