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Private Coaching with DR J

Dr. J has a busy schedule, unlike most coaches, he is still running a large healthcare practice, he also has his podcast, speaking, book and other engagements. He does take private coaching clients on a select basis. He only accepts a limited number at a time so he can give his full attention to you. You must pay and apply first. If you are not accepted we will refund your money completely.

If you want to explode your practice from someone actually in the field doing this daily, collecting 2 millino per year, this is for you. Nothing will make you grow faster. You will get:

Because you are getting all my materials, and access to me, I cannot get that back. Therefore, THERE ARE ZERO REFUNDS. If you pay and are accepted there are no refunds.

3 monthly installments of $2638. Pay $2638 today and I’ll be billed the remaining payments 30-days apart from each other.


One Investment of $6597! That saves you $1317 over the 3 monthly installments plan above.

Our ZERO-RISK Unconditional Money Back Guarantee !

Finally, to remove ALL risk to you, If at any time during the first 30 Days after receiving your copy of the “Prive Coaching with Dr J” you honestly believe you’ve made a mistake or are disappointed, you will receive a 100% refund of any fees paid.